​​Welcome to MoSilver ​- Keepsakes for a lifetime. Handcrafted from s​terling, copper, & gold. Much of her profits go to local and worldwide charities including Malaria No More, Ten Thousand Nets and World Vision.

Monica has been studying metalsmithing and creating jewelry for about 20 years. She works with her clients to design meaningful custom pieces and also creates delicate and whimsical jewelry of her own. All of her pieces are handmade from .925 sterling silver, copper, or 14k gold.

Monica lives and works in Denver, Colorado. She's passionate about helping the homeless and using the profits of MoSilver to benefit other local and worldwide charities as well.

For information on shows & events: 

Call: 216.409.5165
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Tokens to Keepsakes

     Most of us know that Token Tags are “all the rage” right now amongst lots and lots of mommies, grandmas, and women of every walk of life. I knew this and honestly stayed away from creating them because of that, thinking it was cliché and a fad. That was until my sister had her 5th baby. A beautiful baby girl who weighed just over 2 lbs. I live about 1,700 miles away from my sister, way too much for sisters who wish we were next-door neighbors and talk several times a week or more. In fact, the entire first year of my 1st baby's life, she called me every single day, checking in on me and encouraging me, supporting me from 1,700 miles away. Now my sister had her 5th, a beautiful baby who was born with complications and special needs. I wanted so much to be there with her and help, but it just didn't work out. I did as much as I could from my Colorado home - including Skype, care packages, phone calls, and many prayers. Even with all that, I actually felt helpless to help her, knowing she was going through one of the most challenging times of her life. That's when I prayed for something that I could do for her, that would give my mind a break from all the worrying I was doing and give me a task that would eventually bless my sister too.

     She was traveling an hour each way, every day, for a few weeks, to care for, hold, and feed her baby that couldn't yet come home. Everyday she had to leave her other 4 children at home with Grandma and spend long days at the hospital caring for her newest. I genuinely felt my prayer was answered when God gave me the idea to make her a necklace that honored her love for each of her children. Isn't that how God is? – He can do anything, and He often chooses to let us use our gifts to bless others and bring glory to Himself, and this blessing always returns to the giver. I spent hours making my first “token tag” necklace. I thought of each of her children's personalities and tried to create a token to match. I wanted to give my sister something that she could hold close to her heart that both reminded her of her children and also displayed her steadfast love for all her “babies”. And this is what I came up with...

     Before I shipped it off to her, I wore it for a day. These were my nieces and nephews that meant so much to me, and having these little charms close to me, in some way helped me feel as if I were close to them too. I went to church that day and then to a birthday party for a girlfriend. At this party, I ended up sitting across from someone I had never met. She was a mutual friend of the birthday girl and one of those people who upon meeting instantly becomes your friend too. She too, had an overwhelming, obvious love for her child and noticed the necklace right away. She had to have one. I thought to myself, “Sure, why not? I can make one for her.” She shared with me her love for her son and some of the challenges of raising a son with a “strong” personality. She shared how blessed she felt in her life and I learned how she passed that along to her son with the heart-felt mantras she would share with him each night. And unknowingly for me, this filled a deep longing in my own soul to know others and be known myself and thus developed a natural process for listening and creating pieces of jewelry that displayed to each other and reminded ourselves of the love we hold in our hearts. When I create these pieces, I almost always am thinking about the people I'm making them for, most of the time I pray for them, and ask for blessings in their lives. And every time I feel a deeper connection to the humanity of this world and have a greater glimpse into the overwhelming love God has for us. For God is love. This is for that beautiful, “strong" personality...

     Since these necklaces, I have had the awesome privilege of creating pieces for many people who share this same love in their hearts. From amazing husbands showing their love and appreciation for their wives of 5, 10, and 50 years to brave mothers who desperately love the child they only got to hold for a moment. From moms of one child who fills her heart to overflowing, to moms of five whose heart overflows just as much. From new babies to new grandmas, and new husbands to new puppies. From grieving mothers, sisters, and daughters to expecting and hopeful mothers-to-be, each person has been such a blessing to get to know and see God's love demonstrated in their lives. These tokens have turned into keepsakes, demonstrating the incredible power of love in each of our lives.


What a humble blessing and joy to be able to share in your lives, even in this small way. Thank you.  Monica Stocker for MōSilver



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